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Drowning in Milton

September 17, 2009

Shipbuilders VillageShipbuilders Village, a residential development in northwest Milton, constantly floods during heavy rains. For five years, residents in the back of the development along Spinnaker often wade to their cars to get to work, or they wake up to find runoff covering their front doorsteps. Milton Mayor Don Post pledged to take care of the problem in a May letter sent to residents. Nothing has been done yet. Now, the Town of Milton is swimming in a legal puddle over obtaining easements to pump the water out of the drowning development.


John Brady revived at Democratic Jamboree

September 1, 2009

Sussex County Recorder of Deeds John Brady, who, last year, gave up the GOP and registered as a Democrat, turned up at the 2009 Sussex County Democratic Jamboree, Saturday, Aug. 29. After collapsing from low-oxygen levels on July 28, Brady lost 45 pounds from being hospitalized and from a better diet.

Doctors told him his heart was only pumping at 20 percent capacity, causing his oxygen level to drop. They also inserted a pacemaker.

Brady said he’s feeling much better, although not 100 percent. The Cape Region’s hot weather hasn’t helped him recover any faster, however. “The weather isn’t helping. But, I’m trying to do my best,” said Brady. He was mum on whether he plans to seek another elected office seat.