Drowning in Milton

Shipbuilders VillageShipbuilders Village, a residential development in northwest Milton, constantly floods during heavy rains. For five years, residents in the back of the development along Spinnaker often wade to their cars to get to work, or they wake up to find runoff covering their front doorsteps. Milton Mayor Don Post pledged to take care of the problem in a May letter sent to residents. Nothing has been done yet. Now, the Town of Milton is swimming in a legal puddle over obtaining easements to pump the water out of the drowning development.


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One Response to “Drowning in Milton”

  1. Janna Says:

    I live in this neighborhood but fortunately not in the area that is affected by the rain and flooding. Over the last week or so the rain has flooded the back section of the neighborhood so badly that the Town of Milton put up barracades, preventing people from driving their cars to their own driveways. I have written several letters to the town and the mayor and never once have received a response. There is no drainage system that functions in this area of the neighborhood because let’s be honest, the town inspectors failed to properly inspect them before giving the developer certs of occupancy. It’s a shame that the town dropped the ball and now the property owners are suffering. And now I see a lumber supplier has dropped off roof trusses in to the parking lot of the Capano ‘office’ located at the front of the neighborhood. So, our town allowed them to put up shoddy homes, no rain water drainage, and no second paving of the roads but we will now grant them building permits to put up more structures? Brilliant work!

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